Cost of Living in Chelsea AL

Chelsea, Alabama, is a growing town in Shelby County. The town is part of the Birmingham metropolitan area, situated a short 20-minute drive from the city. Individuals looking for charming southern hospitality and quaint living fare well in Chelsea, where everyone knows your name and isn’t afraid to lend a helping hand when a neighbor is in need.


Average Home Costs in Chelsea

Acquiring the simple lifestyle those in Chelsea have adapted comes at a cost should you plan to buy a home in town. Chelsea AL homes cost an estimated 16% more than the national average, with a price tag averaging $199,029 for new home sales in town in 2015.

Despite the higher than average home cost for buyers in Chelsea, lower costs of living provide the needed break for homeowners to enjoy. Cost of living in an average of 8% lower in Chelsea than in surrounding Alabama towns and cities, and 11% less than the national average.


Renting a Home in Chelsea

Rental property is available in Chelsea, although approximately 87% of the properties are owner occupied. Nevertheless, there’s always rental homes and apartments offered in town. Rental property averages a monthly cost of $698 in town, though finding properties priced both higher and lower than this number is fairly simple.


A Great Place to Call Home

Despite the above-average rates to purchase a home in Chelsea, a move to the town is one that most people feel worth the extra money. Besides, Birmingham homes cost an average of $1,001 per month when renting, so for many people, it’s actually quite the bargain. Furthermore, the stress and hassle of the big city is left behind when Chelsea is your home. This in and itself is a reason to make this Alabama town your home.


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