Pest Control Solutions

We provide a thorough inspection to develop a customized plan to keep your home free from unwanted pests 365 days per year. Our plans cover Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, and more!


Our Pest Control service is designed to protect your home from all types of invading insects as well as rodents. We accomplish this by providing:

  • A thorough inspection of your home and property to identify areas of concerns that pests may be using for breeding, feeding, or nesting. Once we have completed a thorough inspection, we create a plan of attack based on our findings that will eliminate conducive conditions in and around your home to reduce the pest populations.
  • A crack and crevice treatment to all windows, doors, plumbing and electrical entrances, and where siding and fences meet the foundation of your home.
  • A pest barrier applied to the foundation of your home to prevent foraging insects from gaining access.
  • Strategic baiting application to control a wide variety of pests.


Many pest populations can be controlled by simply reducing the available food, water, and shelter that is available in and around your home. However, in the southeastern United States, pest pressures can be very high with mild winters, ample rainfall, and a plethora of feeding options. That is why our employees are trained to use the least toxic treatments in a responsible manner to ensure safety for you and your family. All of the products we use carry a caution label. A caution label is also found on many household cleaning products. Our pest products have very low toxicity and are safe for people and pets when applied in a manner consistent with the product recommendations found on its label. All of our field professionals hold state licenses assuring that they understand not only what products work best in certain situations but also how to apply those products in a responsible and safe manner.

Year Round Protection

When you become a customer of ours your home is protected against unwanted pests 365 days per year. It is important to understand that while we see the most evidence of pests during the warmest months, it is often the colder months that cause the most issues for pest infestations. Many insect species begin to head indoors to overwinter until the spring reemergence. Rodents also find outdoor living difficult when temperatures drop and head indoors to get out of the cold. It is important to have your home protected at all times to avoid unwanted guests. We visit your home four times per year to inspect and apply barrier treatments as well as strategic baiting applications. Should you experience any issues in between these trips we will come out at no additional charge in between services to ensure your satisfaction that your home is pest free.

List of common pest species found in and around homes in the southeastern United States that our pest prevention service protects against :

Ants              Roaches             Spiders

Crickets        Earwigs              Silverfish

Fleas            Ticks                Pscossids

Firebrats     Pillbugs              Sowbugs

Beetles         Mites                Centipedes

Chiggers       Springtails      Grasshoppers

Millipedes    Aphids            Scorpions

Mice              Norway Rats  Roof Rats

We also offer additional services for protection against flying insects such as Carpenter Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Flies.