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Termite infestation is a major concern for people whose homes or commercial buildings have wooden structures. Froom wooden floors and support beams to door and furniture, no piece of wood is safe if there are termites in your property.

Rogue Pest Solutions provides termite control services for residential and commercial properties in Chelsea, AL, and the surrounding areas. We are an authorized provider of Sentricon Termite Control systems, which protect your property from invading termites. Contact 205-677-3711 or request a quote below.

Signs You May Have Termite Problems

Termites are a difficult enemy because they attack your home by tunneling through the wood. Most of the time, you can’t see them until it’s too late and the wooden structures in your home are rotted. But if you’re diligent enough, you can observe these five signs of termite infestation:

  • Warped wood appearance
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Presence of termite droppings
  • Discarded termite wings
  • Light clicking sound behind wooden structures

If you notice any combination of these things, don’t hesitate to contact Rogue Pest Solutions right away. Our team of pest control experts will inspect your property for signs of termite activity and install Sentricon Bait System.

What is a Sentricon System?

The Sentricon System is a termite control system that uses scientifically engineered bait that enters the colony’s food chain. With this lethal bait ingested by the queen and the colony, the termites in your property are decimated. Rogue Pest Solutions is an authorized provider of the Sentricon System, offering a $1 million damage repair warranty. For just $264, a price point 25-30% lower than other providers of the same product, you can be sure that there won’t be future termite damage in your house. That’s how confident we are about this product! Sentricon System installation begins with a simple phone call. Reach us at 205-677-3711 to request a free quote.

Why is Sentricon More Effective Than Other Options?

For many years the best protection available for protecting your home against termites was to apply hundreds of gallons of termiticide into the soil around your home. While this method provided some control, it was far from being foolproof.

Several factors could lead to treatment failure, including poor calibration of spray equipment, applicator error, and soil settling around the home post-application. Given that termites only need 1/16 of an inch to gain entry to your home, it is easy to see how this method can prove unreliable. Additionally, these chemicals weaken over time, with many no longer being present in the soil 5 years after application.

With the introduction of Sentricon into the market, a more reliable method for controlling termites was finally available. Not only does Sentricon allow you to avoid having to put hundreds of gallons of pesticides around your home; but it also greatly cuts down on the possibilities of treatment failure that traditional liquid applications have.

Because it is a bait, termites do not avoid treated areas but instead feed on the bait while foraging. This leads to the beginning of the immediate elimination of termite colonies around your home. In addition, Sentricon actually gets stronger the longer it is in placement, where liquid applications weaken greatly over time.

Why Choose Sentricon Over Traditional Liquid Treatments?

Why choose Sentricon over traditional liquid treatments? The Sentricon System prioritizes science over tradition. Liquid treatments are not only outdated, but they are also disruptive to users’ lifestyles.

With Sentricon basing the system on termites’ natural behavior, it’s easy to get into the heart of the colony without the termites knowing. Then, with little to no effort from you, since our Sentricon experts conduct the system installation, you can get rid of an entire termite colony effectively.

Is Sentricon More Expensive?

The short answer is no. While the amount paid annually for a Sentricon System is frequently more than the annual price for liquid warranties, what is not shown in the annual price is the reapplication costs associated with liquid warranties that companies require every 3-5 years to maintain your warranty.

With Sentricon, you will never have to pay for another treatment as long as you maintain your warranty! Sentricon is actually less expensive than traditional chemical warranties when measured over a five-year period.

My Home is Made of Brick. Do I Still Need Termite Protection?

While many homes have an exterior surface built of brick, the home’s actual structure is framed up with wooden supports. It is these wooden timbers that termites frequently destroy, causing superficial and often major structural damage. The damage is made worse since most homes have sheetrock interior walls that hide the issues from sight and allow further damage.

How Long Does the Sentricon System Take to Work?

It starts working as soon as termites feed on the bait. Of course, how quickly termites find the bait depends on the size of termites on your property. But as long as termites are foraging for additional food sources, they will find the lethal bait, feed on them, and the colony will begin to decimate.

What Other Steps Does Rogue Take to Protect My Property?

In addition to the Sentricon System and the one-million-dollar warranty, a member of our team will inspect your home once per year to ensure there are no signs of termite infestations. We will also inspect all bait stations and replace any bait tubes that have been eaten more than halfway.

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